Building Contractors

Construction of schools, residential houses, building small works, alteration, maintenance, masonry, bricks laying.

External/Site works

    All works concerned with the exterior ground level works of a project. Ranging from ducts and drainage to landscaping, parking, paving and perimeter boundaries. Requires clear definition as massive variations can occur.

Landscaping, Grassing and Horticulture

Landscape Finishing Services. Planters, including bespoke configuration. Surfaces, including paving, tarmac, resin and composite. Soft Landscaping.

Renovation Services

With our good name and pride we stand firm in the industry to offer service to every client to the best of our ability.
For you to change your investment to the castle or comfort you intend it to be.
Home alterations,
General plumbing
Building contractor
Office renovations
Hanging of doors
Roof repairs
Building of boundary
walls Tiling

Modern Methods Of Construction

We constantly research new methods of construction that saves time, money, resources and that are sustainable, but still deliver a high quality product.

Surface Treatment

All paintwork, waterproofing and all coatings are covered under surface treatments. Our painting teams are well trained and understand both protective as well as the decorative aspects of paint. We use our knowledge to advise you on the best and most effective system for your needs. We use only recognized brands, which offer after sales service.
Our teams also understand that paint works as a system from the preparatory stages through to the final coat, and pride themselves in the attention spent throughout.

Project Management:

This service is offered to clients that already have a contractor but need an experienced third party to assist with the cost control, time management and quality control of the project.

General Supply of goods

We can supply all material related to our fields of operation.


We plan to put in place a small scale milling plant in the aim to produce maize mealie to provide to the local community who only depend on import of this product which is the basic food here in the DR Congo.